We specialize in evaluation, designs and total installation of new Microsoft Windows networks and extending/upgrading existing networks. Our network specialists will evaluate and recommend the best system and technology that meets your current and future needs.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networking system design and installations. Do you have clients, employees, or remote offices that need 24/7 access to your business data? A Virtual Private Network can supply a secure, cost effective method of allowing access to your private network.

Computer and Printer Repair

We also are experts in Computer and Printer repair of all makes and Models making JM Consulting your one stop solution for all your technology needs.

On-site/Remote Support Service

We offer reliable, fast on-site, on-call technical support for all your software and hardware needs.

* On-site support acting as your own helpdesk
* Phone support
* Email and online Internet based support

Customer Service

Isn’t it time that customer service and satisfaction be given a higher priority? We believe so and work hard at it. You won’t receive a prerecorded message as an attempt to reach one of our staff members. A live person will answer your call promptly.