JM Consulting

JM Consulting helps our clients plan new networks and improve existing networks. Leveraging project-driven methodologies and expertise in high-performance networks, our consultants provide information, recommendations, and best practices that optimize the performance of the computing environment.

JM Consulting infrastructure assessment will provide an accurate performance overview and documentation of your network. Our team will identify potential network degradations, configuration problems, and poor application performance. Our consultants specialize in extending/upgrading Microsoft Windows networks.

The infrastructure assessment includes recommendations to help plan and design solutions and implementation strategies. We can then devise optimal LAN or WAN solutions that balance cost, scalability, availability, performance and manageability to meet budget and requirements of our clients.

If you want your business to remain successful or enhance its success, you have to stay leaps and bounds ahead of your competition, which includes keeping up with the latest technology trends. If you feel that your company would benefit from our services, please contact us @ 1-866-277-1587 for a free consultation. We look forward to being your technology partner.

Information Technology Project Planning

JM Consulting offers IT project planning -- vision, strategy, assessment, and design -- to help our clients plan and design a flexible and high performance end-to-end network infrastructure that provides a competitive advantage and the scalability to expand with the growth of our client’s business.

Disaster Recovery

Due to the unprecedented explosion in business information and equally unprecedented requirements to maintain all data on-line, managing storage and backup has become a top priority. Companies are grappling with how to keep, transfer, share, and find information. JM Consulting provides a scalable and flexible enterprise storage backbone that allows performance, reliability, and manageability. Our team develops a disaster recovery plan that addresses the steps required for our clients to restore operations from various types and stages of disaster. JM Consulting organizes the plan so that clients can recover and restore business operations within an acceptable period of time.


JM Consulting provides comprehensive security solutions. The core of a successful security program is an inclusive security policy that provides a management framework for information. We have a proactive approach to security with the goal of developing intelligent self-defending networks that eliminate most risks. We provide a range of services and products that work together to recognize threats, implement policies, and enforce security in a consistent, dynamic, real-time manner. JM Consulting security assessment evaluates our client’s security policies and measures and recommends appropriate modifications to optimize the security of the infrastructure. Our team will address weaknesses by employing the latest security products and strategies to diminish the vulnerability of network.

LAN/WAN Support

JM Consulting provides complete desktop support and help desk services. We build the necessary support structure based on our client's present and future needs. Our support services allow end users to remain productive by providing break/fix, troubleshooting, maintenance, and management services.

JM Consulting considers our client’s infrastructure an integral investment to their success. Our team trains our client’s staff and develops a personalized support plan that addresses the requirements and needs of our clients. Our plans include on-site desktop support, phone technical support and Internet-based support.